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Long time!

2013-09-07 17:33:27 by stefevr



I haven't posted anything forever here, thing is, I've been trying to make it as a professional. And thus, I have my facebook page, youtube channel and a soundcloud. I post a lot more stuff there, so if you enjoy my work, please, PLEASE check it out :D
Any likes and subscriptions are really, really appreciated.

So to hear my other stuff:

Anyhow, don't worry, I'll keep my trance/dance songs just for newgrounds :D Have a nice day/week/year guys!


2010-05-14 16:46:08 by stefevr

Obviously, since I have WAY too much work to do, and have very little time to do ANYTHING, I get constant inspiration. So I've given myself a challenge; I will make one song a day for a week.
That was last week. Monday to Thursday went great, I made techno, trance, dance, classical and dubstep songs. (I'm getting fond of dub step :D ). Friday, though, I had writer's block. But I made 2 songs Saturday and one Sunday, so to me it was kind of a success (forgot what I was trying to prove anyways xd). So it just felt good to make music again, even if it was just for one hour a day (it's all the time I could find :( so each song was made in less than one hour). But most of them are great, and I managed to make all the songs I had inspiration for. I think I'll just wait to make new songs when I'll have the time though, yeah, some great songs I could have made won't ever exist, but I just means the ones I actually make will be better. (Wow now people will think all of my following songs with be awesome ^_^') Oh well.

BTW, I might post these 7 songs when I have the time. I still posted Friday's already (Faded Memories), but Newgrounds has been a drag with 0 bombers, so I don't really care.

OH, and since I started to make Dub step, I thought of buying a midi keyboard (I already have one but it has no knobs), and I think I'll get the M-AUDIO Oxygen 49 keys. Looking forward to it :D

That's all from me, Stefevr out.


2010-02-21 11:59:51 by stefevr! It's almost march wtf I sometimes still think this is 2009! Where the hell did the time go?
Soooo many things to do for school and work so I don't have any time to make music and flash stuff T.T
I had a week off but I had to spend it working non-stop...
*sigh* and tomorrow it starts again -_-
I only made two songs (one that I really like so it's at least one good thing...) and I seem to only be able to make music 5 minutes a week!
Sheesh this is not good :(
Oh well, gives me more time for inspiration I guess... But it's possible I'll upload stuff a lot more occasionally... I don't think many, or if anybody cares about this, but just sayin' =)

Anyways, if you have any request, tips, or whatever, just say! ^_^


2009-11-26 12:08:59 by stefevr

My dumb computer keeps crashing to the point of not even turning on anymore... Needless to say it's possible I won't post anything for a while :(


2009-10-18 14:54:15 by stefevr

I've been having so much inspiration lately, but you can't upload more than 2 songs a day... *sigh*
oh well, back to FL ^_^

Sheesh time flies by

2009-07-23 04:53:52 by stefevr

I've been spending so much time making music, vids, and hanging out with my friends that a whole month of my vacation passed by (0).(0)...

Anyways, I'm still trying to finish a flash game, but I seem to always start it and never finish it...I've got plenty of perfectly good games that just aren't finished yet. I AM lazy, aren't I? Oh, and music-wise, I think I'll finish off another Theme, then I'll go back to making Trance and D&B, since I've gotten better with FL studio.

That is can go now...^_^